OM’s ministry in the former Czechoslovakia started during the reign of Communism, when Bibles and Christian literature were smuggled into the country.  In the late 1980’s, OM also sent summer campaign teams into the country.  In November 1989, the ‘Velvet Revolution’ occurred and the borders opened.  In April 1990, OM’s Central European Teams [CET] and OM Germany organised the first Easter campaign.  During the Love Europe campaign that summer, CET sent two teams, including one to České Budĕjovice, where the team base is currently  located. 

These campaigns also laid the foundation for the future OM ministry in the Czech Republic.  In November 1990, Czech pastors asked Karl Zolar and family to move to České Budĕjovice and start the in-country ministry. They were the first OM CR members and Karl was the field leader from the start until 2003. One of the campaigns led to an opportunity for OM to meet a magazine publisher who wrote a story about OM’s ministry, which resulted in OM becoming well known throughout the country.  In January 1991, more team members moved in, including Hans and Jane Koebele (USA/UK) and Chung Nam You (Korea), who are still with the team and Keith Sercombe (UK), who started the OM ministry in Slovakia. Later that year a few others joined, including the first Czech, who was instrumental in getting OM registered as a national organization. The Missionary Training School (MTS), which trains new recruits who then serve in the various countries of Central Europe, started in the Czech Republic in 1991.

Those early years provided unique opportunities for ministry, as there was a big interest and openness to the Gospel when it was shared on the streets and in the public schools. Thousands of people heard the Gospel, many came to faith in Christ, partnerships with local churches were established, and some Czech believers served in missions both in the Czech Republic and abroad.  In 1995, OM Czech Republic became an independent field in Central Europe. Pavel Zoul became field leader in January 2003, which fulfilled the goal of having a Czech national as a field leader.

Since 2008  OM ČR is focused on cooperation in sending Czech and Slovak workers into mission projects aroud the world, and other initiatives within the Czech Republic. For more information about our curent activities please go to "About Us / What We Do" section.