During the summer holiday, some of the OM Czech Republic team, in cooperation with local churches and volunteers from partner church groups from the USA and Canada, help run a one-week English camp. Each camp is a retreat focused on learning, and having fun. In addition, it is a time of meeting new friends and sharing about our lives. Over the years, many international friendships have been established.

Those attending our camps are of different ages, occupations, and backgrounds. They appreciate not only the high quality teaching and rich programmes, but especially the family atmosphere provided by the loving attitude of teachers and assistants. Some of the campers are Christians, while others are agnostic or atheist. All campers, however, appear open to dialogue concerning faith matters and biblical principles.

Many Czech people seldom have the opportunity to hear about God as reflected in the Bible, instead imagining caricatures of God perpetuated by the mass media and insensitive attempts at evangelism. We want these camps to be a helpful, caring, sensitive, and non-threatening place for dialogue concerning God and what a relationship with Him looks like in reality.

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