This spring we had a special evening at our OM English Classes for Czechs (ECC) language school.  We combined two classes for celebrating Passover together.  The purpose of this night was more than eating together – we also talked about the meaning of Passover and the links between this traditional Jewish celebration and the fulfilment of the Jewish messianic prophecies in Jesus Christ.
Our classroom was full with students, mostly adults, who had never experienced this and were curious about it. Krista, who led the evening, followed the traditional order of a Passover Seder. This involves telling the story of the Israelites enslavement in Egypt and the miraculous way God freed them. 

Seder 2

Every table had a Seder plate consisting of five items: parsley, which is dipped in salt water, as a reminder of the tears of enslavement; maror, a horseradish mixture to recall the bitterness of oppression; charoset, a sweet mixture of apples, nuts, and honey, which reminds us of the mortar the Israelites used to build cities for Pharaoh; a roasted lamb bone, recalling the death of the Egyptian firstborn; and an egg, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.  
Afterward, we enjoyed a light dinner and dessert together.  This was a time for informal talk and questions about Passover and its meaning. The student’s response was very positive and we hope to do this again in the future.

Dan Coyan, OM Czech Republic